#SurfInvaders 24h competition Rules

Aloha Defi
1 min readMar 9, 2022

The competition will run for 24 hours from 8AM on the 10th of March (GMT+1) until 8AM on the 11th of March (GMT+1).

To enter, users have to play Surf Invaders during the 24 hours period and collect at least 5 plastic bottles. Everyone who collects at least 5 plastic bottles in the game will be entered into a draw to win $100 or one of the 5 NFT packs worth 10,000 ALOHA each. Each plastic bottle represents one entry into the raffle. The more bottles you collect, the more chances you have to win one of the prizes.

The winner will be chosen using Chainlink VRF which has been integrated into the Surf Invaders Game. For more details about how this solution works and the transparent selection of winners, read this article. Each user can win one prize only.

The winners will be announced on the 12th of March, at 10AM (GMT+1).

Play Surf Invaders here: https://alohadefi.io/surf


· 100$ in Aloha tokens

· 5 NFT packs worth 10,000 ALOHA each



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