Is Aloha secure and reliable?

Hello. 👋🏻 Today we will tell you about the security and reliability of Aloha.

Never do anything blindly — and this applies to investments in general, and participation in the cryptocurrency market in particular. Spend a day to understand the topic well, determine the amount that you can safely lose — and only then act.

Since digital technology is still very young, you need to be careful about personal data and security in general. Today, it’s quite difficult for most people to figure out which crypto platforms are safe and which are not, and how to behave in this environment. For such services to become accessible to the masses, a lot of work is needed on the design of interfaces and gamification, and it will undoubtedly be done.

🛡 Aloha system is totally secure

💬 “Aloha has been certified as secure thanks to vigorous penetration tests and code revision to avoid possible hacking or bugs. Both the infrastructure and the application part of the project are considered safe, and are tested on an ongoing basis.” — Jorge Rodruiguez, Head of Aloha Security

✅ The Aloha application is based on blockchain technology, it also uses the functionality of smart contracts. Aloha uses Stellar blockchain. Aloha chose Stellar because it is the leading blockchain protocol for payment infrastructures. Our smart contracts are simple but reliable — they allow users to complete about 4,000 transactions per second. They also provide an opportunity to track token spending in real time, make automated payments, and immediate reconciliation.

✅ In addition, referral programs, viewing sponsored advertisements or sharing posts, Hotspot Hosts can earn Aloha tokens which are credited to their user wallet automatically by this smart contract mechanism.

✅ The Aloha App has been designed with security as the absolute highest priority. The system works by creating new and independent Wi-Fi networks, that enables approved Aloha guest users (Wi-Fi Guests) to utilise the data that the host has decided to share, to surf the web, check their emails etc.

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