How to Play Surf Invaders #SurfInvaders

The game was designed with everyone in mind, with the gameplay being simple but not necessarily easy, to encourage competitiveness. Find the best surfing paths and have the longest runs by mastering the controls, avoiding most obstacles and collecting as many perks as you can.

The controls — this is the easiest part; the player has the option to either use the directional arrows on the keyboard or the mouse.

  • “Up” slows down your surfer to a halt
  • “Down” accelerates your surfer
  • “Left” and “Right” arrows are used to change the direction of your surfer in order to avoid the obstacles

Obstacles — throughout your surfing runs, you will come across multiple types of obstacles:

  • Ocean debris, driftwood, buoys, rock formations, piers, even other surfers — steer away from them! Running into one of these obstacles will result in stopping your surfer and losing one life. To resume the tour, you simply press “Down,” “Left,” or “Right,” depending on the direction you want to go.
  • Whirlpools and seaweed — not dangerous, but they do change your speed (your surfer slows down when going over a patch of seaweed) or trajectory (your surfer changes direction when passing through a whirlpool).
  • Jump ramps — always look out for them as they help your surfer navigate difficult areas by jumping over larger obstacles, also helps you greatly increase your distance in a blink of an eye.
  • Fudstapus — he is our giant octopus that can travel at fast speeds and stumble you into the water. We have only one piece of advice: stay as far away as you can from him!

Perks — at the start of the run, as well as in certain parts of the course, you will come across lightning bolts. Collecting them for power-ups.

  • Cool off period — After you’ve played all your lives, the NFTs can be reused again after a cooling off period of one hour.