Aloha’s DeFi World Is Getting Bigger and Better

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4 min readNov 17, 2021


And we will now expand to the Metaverse with our Aloha Virtual Reality World!

Aloha DeFi is bustling with activity, with old and new releases alike shaking up the revenue generation game. In the past few months, we’ve seen the likes of Surf Invaders, Aloha Raffle, and the Aloha Academy.

But there’s more to come, with updates to some of Aloha’s beloved features and the imminent release of new additions to the Aloha DeFi suite — and there is one in particular which we think you’re going to particularly love!

Aloha Workshop

Aloha Academy is a comprehensive educational portal for novice crypto investors to gain insight into the crypto market. Users can earn ALOHA rewards by simply learning about these cutting edge technologies and answering a few questions !

Our Aloha Workshop goes live on November 17, invite your friends to join the Aloha Workshop and earn ALOHA.

Surf Invaders — Say Aloha to Elon in our VIP Challenge!

Surf Invaders has been exciting from the get-go, but V2 really amped things up! With a new monster, VIP appearances, and new game mechanics, the chance to get on the leaderboard has never been higher!

But how about a VIP appearance of Elon? Yes, that’s right, now the charismatic entrepreneur makes an occasional appearance in the game as a VIP. Catch him for a load of points!

What’s more, whoever catches Elon the most times over a 7-day period starting from November 20 will win an Elon-based NFT — of which only one will be minted!

Dual Rewards Farming on SmartDEX

Our dual rewards farming scheme on SmartDEX kicks off soon! Last time, we rewarded users with rare NFTs for contributing to the ALOHA-NIOX pool on SmartDEX. But this time, things get more interesting with rewards in ALOHA, NIOX, and MATIC — plus NFTs!

Not only do you earn for providing liquidity to the ALOHA-NIOX pool, but you also gain automatic entry into the Aloha raffle! There’s also up to $10,000 in rewards to be earned and, depending on the volume staked; you’ll get anything from rare to VIP NFTs, giving you access to monthly revenue share with Aloha.

Enter the Matrix! New NFT Season Coming Soon!

Red pill or blue? It’s up to you! Following the huge success of our Halloween NFTs, Season 8 celebrates the release of the most exciting movie event of the year — Matrix 4! Our Aloha ambassadors have all entered the matrix and taken on their digital forms! All NFT cards in this limited edition season will be beautifully animated, so keep an eye out for the release date and launch party for our most eagerly awaited season yet!

The Next Aloha Raffle Starts on November 23!

Speaking of the Aloha raffle, the next one will take place from November 23 to December 16. If you provide liquidity on SmartDEX, you’ll gain automatic entry, so you won’t have to hold a minimum of 5000 ALOHA. If not, then you’ll need that minimum amount, with each subsequent 5000 ALOHA contributing to another raffle ticket. The more tickets, the better your chances of being selected on the draw on December 16!

Shaka Delay

Due to the sheer volume of recent interaction, our team have agreed the best course of action is to refine and enhance our existing Aloha DeFi suite, before launching another platform. Shaka is therefore on hod for a brief period, to benefit it, and all areas of Aloha.

Shaka is still very much in the pipeline though and remains an important part of our road map. Stay tuned for further updates!

Aloha Virtual Reality World

After all that, we still haven’t shared what is the most exciting news yet — Aloha is stepping into the Metaverse!

Our Virtual Reality World is a virtual space where users will be able to explore and buy NFT VR land parcels. You’ll find tons of cool things in this world, including all Aloha dapps in a hub environment. There will be benefits exclusive to Aloha NFT holders — and in fact, NFTs play a central role in the Aloha Virtual Reality World.

We can’t share too much now, but rest assured — you’ll have a fun, lucrative space for you to interact with Aloha.

We hope you all enjoy the benefits that come from these new developments! Aloha is going to offer a lot more in the coming months, and these updates are just the start of a more robust Aloha DeFi ecosystem!



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