Aloha Surf Invaders Twitter Chat Instructions

What is a Twitter Chat?
Here is a short explanation of how our Twitter Chat — Surf Invaders is going to work. We have six questions, which are asked 10 minutes apart. They are marked as Q1, Q2 and so on. When you answer the questions, you will reply with A1, A2, and so on. It is crucial to include the #SurfInvaders hashtag so that we can see your tweets and also interact with each other. Feel free to interact with other guests, using the hashtag, just like you would do at a real-life party.

How to join:

The best way to follow the chat is to open a separate window for the #SurfInvaders hashtag, and select “the latest tweets”. The window should update automatically, but Twitter sometimes is slow so you can always refresh the page to see the newest conversation.

This is an example using the #SurfInvaders hashtag which will be active at the beginning of the Twitter Chat.

Your hosts for this chat will be @AlohaDefi and @MReganOfficial, the CEO of Aloha.

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