ALOHA Crypto Community Update

Dear Community,

I would like once again to take this opportunity to share our most recent and exciting developments and updates with you.

Aloha De-Fi and Aloha Wi-Fi

In the crypto world Aloha De-Fi can create cash generative initiatives and assets, such as NFT’s for example. These are effectively working collectables designed to provide ongoing interest and opportunity for our fans/community. Benefits include enhanced rewards on staking platforms, games, as well as providing voting rights and further reward opportunities in the DAO. The Global reach associated with Aloha De-Fi also creates vital exposure in many territories that are natural target markets for Aloha Wi-Fi, thereby helping to provide advance awareness and a foothold for later rollout.

Aloha Wi-Fi provides our community with a great way to spend rewards they have earned, and at the same time provides businesses with a motivated and well targeted opportunity to engage with our local communities through advertising and accepting Aloha as payment for services. Those payments can then in turn be used to advertise in our marketplace.

The academy will teach those new to or curious about crypto how best to use Aloha to its full potential. In short, Aloha Wi- Fi creates a conduit to the crypto world and ultimately to Aloha — Aloha De-Fi fuels the reward systems.


Aloha Wi-Fi App — In addition to general improvements and enhanced functionality, Phase 3 development of the app also integrates De-FI elements and functionality, as well as the Aloha Academy and our Surf Invaders game.

Aloha for Business — the first selected businesses will begin accepting Aloha on 15 November 2021.

Surf Invaders — Our first Aloha game has launched in Beta, and version 2 is scheduled for release on November 1st 2021. A new Monster, earning potential and flash rewards to name some of the new features.

Aloha Defi Developments

Ÿ Chainlink VRF integration — the integration is now live and will run monthly Raffles, with the opportunity to win holidays, cash prizes, and NFT’s.

Ÿ Shaka Token — Shaka is now very close to final testing and release, and incorporates great opportunities such as double reward farming, multiple farm capability, and further added incentives.

Further Developments

Ÿ Provide users with a token with a stable and defined value, making it a very attractive remuneration mechanism for users.

Ÿ The market cap of the stable coin will be an asset that adds value to the balance sheet.

Ÿ Holding this asset on the balance sheet brings significant power and leverage to the project allowing it to accelerate and consolidate its long-term business model.


Martin Regan CEO



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