ALOHA Crypto Community Update

Aloha De-Fi and Aloha Wi-Fi

We are sometimes asked how Aloha De-Fi and Aloha Wi-Fi coexist, and how the relationship works to mutual benefit, and so thought this would also be an ideal opportunity to explain this synergistic relationship in greater detail.


We’ve been busy and productive since my last update! Our ongoing commitment to developing all areas of Aloha for the benefit of all involved is both challenging and exciting, and we continue to make great progress.

Aloha Defi Developments

Ÿ Cross Chain DEX — this includes ETH, Polygon and Binance Chain (in development)

Further Developments

I can also confirm that Aloha will develop a Stable Coin called the Aloha Buck, we consider this to be an extremely strong strategical move which will provide several key advantages.



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Aloha Defi

Aloha Defi


A decentralized open WiFi powered by the community for the community.