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5 min readJan 25, 2022


To begin, 2021 was an amazing year for crypto overall, with numerous new institutional funds and other major investment groups coming on board and significantly raising the bar. This helped to catalyze one of the longest bull runs in crypto history, and in spite of the recent pull-back which was not wholly unexpected, the overall market cap still shows a growth of circa 3x over the last 12 months.

The great news is that Aloha continues to progress at full speed!

As we have always stated, this is a long-term project aimed at creating real and tangible value over time.

Having transitioned away from the enthusiastic “Lambo Moon” brigade of the early days, we now have a broader and more strategically minded investor base, and this will assist greatly in maintaining growth as we push forward to take Aloha to the next level. It is clearly disappointing that the current token price far from reflects the true value of the project, however as the market transitions into the next bull phase, and with the exciting new initiatives planned for this year we believe that this will soon change!

This will include both expansion and addition to our many utilities, new and exciting partnerships, Tier1 exchange listings and so forth. All of which will contribute materially to the further growth and development of Aloha. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to lay out some of our plans and core objectives for 2022.

Aloha in 2022 — Core Features and Metaverse

One of the key successes of 2021 was the way in which we tailored our platform to focus on DeFi and NFTs.

Both the ALOHA token and NFT collectables offer multiple use case opportunities, and we were proud of how we were able to combine and utilize these to provide our users with many ways in which they could use their funds to earn. The idea of earning through multiple streams became a major trend in 2021, however Aloha was certainly one of the first to champion this strategy.

In 2022 we will expand our ecosystem, as well as further develop and widen our product offerings to best capitalize on the opportunities available in the shifting market landscape. In January alone, we will focus on bolstering current services and features. Our Dex, Shaka Farm and token, the expansion and wider promotion of the academy, Season 8 of Aloha NFT’S, SmartDEX farming, and Aloha app update with new functions and integrations. And this in addition to the ongoing management of our existing products and services. That’s clearly a lot! But we are up to the challenge.

Specifically, over the course of 2022 we will add more modules to the Aloha Academy. We’ve recently added a valuable course on how to help protect your investments and how to conduct the correct research before committing to invest. The Academy has proven to be an effective way for the crypto novice to better prepare themselves before investing in the crypto market. This is more important than ever as the market finds new and wider levels of adoption, financial scrutiny, and acceptance in the economy.

And of course, we will also see the next and eighth season of Aloha NFTs, and we’re very pleased with the positive responses we’ve had so far, join our Telegram group and follow us on Twitter to hear about it when it drops!

Our collectible NFT’s, as well as being nice to look at, offer many benefits to the holder, such as profit sharing, voting rights in the DAO, VIP deals to our platforms and new incentives. NFT editions are limited; once the edition is sold out the only way to obtain one will be to purchase from other users. NFT’s are currently relatively easy to obtain via staking, or by purchasing a pack while the cost is low, a savvy move that will provide continued ROI.

We’ve all been eagerly waiting for SmartDEX farming to go live, and we’re happy to say that we fully expect this to happen within the next few days. Alongside this, we will also be launching the new and exciting SHAKA farm which will commence in February, and this will be preceded by a marketing campaign that is due to start in the forthcoming week, which will include details of VIP exclusive access for Aloha token and NFT holders.

As for other news, we will shortly be releasing an Aloha app update that integrates the Aloha Academy, Surf Invaders, and quick token purchases all under one roof. This will simplify access so that a wider audience can discover the Aloha DeFi ecosystem. To top this all off, we will also be launching an Aloha Discord and Reddit so that we can grow our community even more effectively!

The key to the success of the Aloha app is in attracting high numbers of users. This will be primarily catalyzed by the launch into the UK marketplace. We know from earlier market research that uptake of the Aloha app can be expected to be in the 90% range of our target market, smartphone users aged 18–35.

Before launching in the UK and then rolling out globally, we need to have all the infrastructure fully prepared. Establishing the Aloha Defi platform and the Aloha Defi token has been a foundation stone of this process.

Once our tech roadmap for 2022 is complete we will be ready for rapid growth, at which point we fully expect to quickly run into millions of users across the UK. With escalating numbers of users in the Aloha Metaverse, the demand for Aloha Defi products will skyrocket, and with it the value of both the business and the associated tokens. You can help this process now if you wish by networking Aloha through your friends, family and acquaintances.

Finally, I would like to express my thanks for the ongoing support of our investors and growing community, it is a pleasure to have you with us on this exciting journey, as we continue to strive to make Aloha the success it deserves to be for all concerned.

Martin Regan




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