Aloha Community Update

Dear Community,

I would like to take this opportunity to share some exciting plans and developments with you, as we move into the next phase of our journey.

Let’s start with the goals for Q2. Clearly it is vital to continue to build the community, and we will achieve this using a blend of tried and proven methods such as The Academy, Surf Invaders, and legacy collectable NFT’s, along with some new additions including Reddit and Discord. We have employed a specialist team to take care of Reddit, and we will build out Discord during April.

As we continue to roll out the b2c business, we need to add some specialist expertise to the team in the form of a Commercialisation Director, and a UX and UI expert, both of whom will take a key role in managing the logistics of both the rollout and commercialisation.

This is great news for Aloha DeFi, as it will automatically bring more holders to the platform from the app. The Aloha DeFi token will also be promoted and directly available in the Aloha Rewards app itself. Especially the new in-app Aloha DeFi token Staking, where rewards earned are paid in aloha bucks, and redeemable via the Aloha marketplace.

For more information see here

Remember guys this is a 2-year roadmap, we developed a lot in Year one! Now we build momentum and roll out. I know there is some disappointment regarding the current token price, but rest assured the price will strengthen, as we gain traction and demand builds.

There is no doubt that the Aloha Defi token and holders will benefit massively in the longer term.

Onwards and Upwards!​

Martin Regan





A decentralized open WiFi powered by the community for the community.

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Aloha Defi

Aloha Defi

A decentralized open WiFi powered by the community for the community.

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